Ecommerce Digital Marketing Review

As we pull out of pandemic-era economics there’s a lot to cover in the rearview mirror. First, shipping container issues and inventory news made an impact on almost everyone in the e-commerce realm. Here, at My Fulfillment Company, we thought it would be helpful to learn how to increase ecommerce sales using digital marketing. However, the current state of inflation is causing trepidation in trying new digital marketing strategies. Business owners need to know how to increase sales and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Moreover, online entrepreneurs need the tools to retain customers and extend their lifetime value. Above all, the following blog posts are full of helpful information on email platforms, software and insight into the basics of digital marketing for ecommerce.

Google Digital Marketing Tools

Many of the aforementioned ecommerce tools have free versions to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground. Google, for example, offers many free marketing tools for small businesses. This section reviews a couple of key posts. Remember, you don’t have to boil the ocean. Keep detailed notes of products and experiment monthly.  In other words, the more you learn the more you earn!

PPC Ads: Ecommerce Digital Marketing Crash Courses

Many online stores have terrific merchandise landing pages with great photography and descriptions. Similarly, some of the best e-commerce websites have useful chatbots that enhance the customer journey. Meanwhile, there are SEO agencies who aim campaign goals squarely on SERPs (search engine results pages). After that, perhaps the traffic isn’t converting and you’re stuck wondering if the SEO is paying off.  You need a good analytics plan to collaborate SEO campaigns. Often there are limits on time and budget. Turn to Google Ads and join the race for space. Page one ads are the result of clever bidding, great content and usability. The following posts shed some light on all aspects of winning the PPC game.

A Quick Note on the My Fulfillment Company Blog

My Fulfillment Company is a one-stop fulfillment and inventory management services  provider. We help eliminate fulfillment headaches to keep your business running smoothly. In our blog section you will find a variety of series to keep you informed of industry and marketing trends. Digital marketing in the ecommerce space is competitive, you need a lot of strategy! We hope you enjoy reading and will be happy to take requests on topics. The idea is for you to focus on what you do best and we will take care of the rest.