Landing Pages for Google Ads

What is a Google Ad Landing Page?

As the My Fulfillment Company blog series continues to help e-commerce partners understand Google Ads, we’ll do something never before attempted in explaining landing pages. First, you might be wondering, how is a navy aircraft carrier image helping me understand what makes a Google Ad landing page? However, by understanding this metaphor you will already be ahead of the game. Think of Google Ads and their landing pages like a moving target. Google Ads are dynamic, not static. A helicopter touching down on a landing pad would only tell half the story, hit the target. A plane landing on a runway doesn’t quite get there either because the runway is static. Since the very best Google Ads are dynamic and resource automation, this video of jets landing on a navy aircraft carrier is the perfect analogy. If you’re into gaming this “never before attempted” method of explanation might resonate. The water is moving under the boat, the jet is moving through the air and your mission is to land on a runway – like a moving target. A landing page, in its simplest form, is a webpage where visitors land after clicking your Google Ad.

Optimize Landing Pages

To understand how to optimize landing pages for Google Ads, you need to think on multiple levels. First, what type of landing page is going to engage visitors. The name of the game is ROI and since those Google Ad budgets aren’t free, this concept is mission critical. The landing page needs to IMMEDIATELY make sense to visitors. If your Google ad claimed “three flavors” then that should be front and center as your CTA. Next, think what type of landing page is going to make sense to Google. Yes, Google looks at Campaign Ad Group Landing Pages and considers relevance. Google uses the concept of relevance to help determine ads quality score. The good news is that as Google continues to endeavor as a search engine of intent, it’s trying to help. In other words your ad’s keywords need to match your landing page. Consumer behaviors indicate a preference for landing pages that meet expectations. Bottom line, sending clicks to your home page or a general product page won’t give you the competitive edge.

Customized Landing Pages

A great Google Ad Landing Page not only matches keywords but also has a clear call to action. While most people have heard of Aristotle, few know of his great salesmanship using rhetoric. Get inspired by reading this article in Inc. about the Aristotelian “triptych.” Trust me, this method will satisfy Google’s algorithm for intent. Other important factors, to discuss in more detail later, are around usability – especially mobile devices. Think links, navigation and loading speed. It’s a lot to master in one blog but today’s big take away should be the concept of a moving – dynamic – target.  You will have to adjust your bid, adjust your ad and monitor your competition but you can win. Next week we’ll keep learning about landing pages.  Until then, good luck!

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