Landing Pages for Google Ads

Landing page is the webpage where people end up after they click your ad.

What is a Google Ad Landing Page? As the My Fulfillment Company blog series continues to help e-commerce partners understand Google Ads, we’ll do something never before attempted in explaining landing pages. First, you might be wondering, how is a navy aircraft carrier image helping me understand what makes a Google Ad landing page? However, by […]

Scheduling Google Ads for Ecommerce

Scheduling Google Ads for Ecommerce

Google Ads for Ecommerce: Scheduling Finally, in our series featuring Google Ads we are ready to focus on one of the final stages for Ecommerce, scheduling.  If you have ever been to a major airport and seen the busy schedules, usually inside the terminal, you have a good reference for ad scheduling. Technically speaking, flight information display systems […]

Selecting Google Ads Keywords for Ecommerce on a Budget

Google Ads Keywords for Ecommerce

Google Ads Keywords for Ecommerce In our last post we touched on the more advanced boolean operator approach but concluded with a preview to  keyword matching options. Specifically, when bidding, it’s the option to choose either: broad, phrase or exact match parameters. In the context of keywords and writing great ads for your ecommerce store, the […]

Selecting Keywords for Google Ads

Keywords for Google Ads

Google Ads Selecting Keywords As we continue our series to demystify Google Ads Campaigns, specifically selecting keywords for Google Ads, you might say the fun part is next. In last week’s post, “Understanding the 3 Layers of Google Ads,” we took a dive into the main components of a Google Ad Campaign. First, account organization, […]

Understanding The 3 Layers of Google Ads

Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store Google Ads

E-Commerce Stores and Google Ads In our previous blog post, “How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Google Ads, ” the significance of Google Ads as a primary SEM (search engine marketing) tool was our topic. Now, let’s discuss the how and roll up our digital marketing sleeves. First, a word about this post’s […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Google Ads

Google Adwords Driving Traffic

Google Adwords and Driving Traffic It’s now been more than 20 years since Google launched Adwords, today known simply as Google Ads. Now, according to Wikipedia, “Google Ads is the main source of revenue for Alphabet Inc, contributing US$168.6 billion in 2020. In 2021, Google Ads generated US$257.6 billion.” There is perhaps no better way […]