Scheduling Google Ads for Ecommerce

Google Ads for Ecommerce: Scheduling

Finally, in our series featuring Google Ads we are ready to focus on one of the final stages for Ecommerce, scheduling.  If you have ever been to a major airport and seen the busy schedules, usually inside the terminal, you have a good reference for ad scheduling. Technically speaking, flight information display systems are one of the most important features of your preflight preparation. The same is true for your Google Ads dashboard. At once it may appear intimidating. There are codes, abbreviations and other variables updating in real time but if you don’t decipher it correctly, you may miss your flight. Of course you didn’t miss your flight, at least I hope not! The stakes are similar with Google Ads, scheduling and understanding your bids is mission critical.

Ecommerce Ad Scheduling and Bids

One of the most attractive characteristics of online business is the open 24/7 attitude. For those in the content business, for example, demand generation is automated and requires no maintenance. Perhaps your ecommerce shop directs visitors to eBay for sales or Amazon using affiliate links. Others may use online shops to augment a brick and mortar store. However, there are many of us out there who might refer to the calendar as a major marketing reference point. While major holidays are certainly the exception to the norm, your target audience may have scheduling considerations. In the vernacular of online advertising, especially PPC (pay per click) ads Dayparting is one of the most important concepts.

What does Dayparting do for Google Ads?

In the simplest terms, dayparting means that for specific times of day or specific days of the week you can more effectively target audiences. For example, here in the Eastern Time Zone, my digital marketing activities cease at 10 p.m. That being the case, I limit my bid activity. For B2B models one might limit bid activity and schedule only Monday – Friday. Let’s take it one step further and consider the marketing pro who has a history of PPC activity. He or she might look at peak hours and increase bid amounts to be more competitive during those hours when more profits are attainable. Yes, this too is part of scheduling and critical to good campaign management and media buying. Good luck out there!

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