How to Use Google Skillshop for Online Business

Google Skillshop – Online Business Products

As of this writing there are 15 topics in Googles newish learning platform, so let’s get started. Google Skillshop, formerly Academy for Ads, is a training hub for business owners and marketing practitioners alike. Today, no matter what size your company, terms like digital transformation may apply to your online business. Through product training at Google Skillshop, you can now learn to use the most popular tools (products). Tools that may be transformative to your online business.

First, Google offers a number personalized learning paths – you can do this. Since everyone has their own unique skill level and goals there are standalone courses for bite-sized content. Most training modules consist of articles of 600 words or less and/or 30-second videos. Just remember to jump in there and learn at your own pace. The main objective is that you’re taking ownership of your new digital journey into Google’s array of products. Through Skillshop you choose when, where and how you want to learn.

Finding Your Way Around the Skillshop Platform

If you are ready to dive into Google’s online product offerings, jump in and click here. If you are looking for immediate help on using a specific tool like Google Ads there are hundreds of options. However, to narrow down those options, simply determine if you’re seeking certifications or perhaps a basic introduction. On the other hand, it could be a specific area within Google Ads, like display ads, search ads or video ads. It’s probably best to take an overview of a subject like Ads, Marketing Platform or Analytics, for example.

How to Set Up a Google Skillshop Account

Setting up a Google Skillshop account is a snap and within a matter of minutes you’ll have all of the training and free certifications at your fingertips. If you have a Gmail account, that’s great but you can also set up your Skillshop account with a non-gmail email address.  Note, if you use a non-Gmail address, like your work email, make sure it’s linked to your Google Account. You’ll also want to include a recovery email, in case you change jobs.

After you’ve gotten logged in and have sorted out your account and recovery email, set your preferences such as timezone and language.  Click save and confirm or validate your email to finalize Google Skillshop account setup. It’s that easy. If you’ve found this information on Google’s Product offerings to be helpful, check out last weeks blog, Google Marketing Tools for Small Businesses.


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