How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Google Ads

Google Adwords and Driving Traffic

It’s now been more than 20 years since Google launched Adwords, today known simply as Google Ads. Now, according to Wikipedia, “Google Ads is the main source of revenue for Alphabet Inc, contributing US$168.6 billion in 2020. In 2021, Google Ads generated US$257.6 billion.” There is perhaps no better way to drive traffic to your website other than by using Google’s online advertising platform. Formerly, Google Adwords, Ads, had only one model for driving traffic to websites, PPC. The singular Pay Per Click ad model. Other online advertising platforms like Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, also profit greatly from the scheme but Google reigns supreme. Evolving from search, Google’s PPC models now includes shopping, display, video, apps, local and discovery channels.

Google Ads SEM (The Rise of Search Engine Marketing)

Today’s online marketing professionals now fall between two schools of thought, disciplines or expertise. SEO, search engine optimization, is primarily thought of as the natural, organic, content-centric approach. Through the SEO lens content is king and in terms E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (or Page Quality) there’s no better acronym for long-term and long-tail success. However, SEO is no longer the jewel of low-hanging fruit it used to be. Content is now more nuanced and a commodity that is an editorial art rather than a mass of click-bait short-form prose. Google launched AdWords in 2000 which was four years before their pubic offering, IPO. Yes, they built it and they came. Google let the cat out of the bag and online marketers could use Google’s keyword tool to bid winning phrases. Of course Google knew the phrases that paid and graciously recommended a bidding strategy the could not fail.

Driving Traffic using Google Ads

If you are running an online commerce store and need to get on page one, fast, Google Ads is the answer. Google supplies keyword tools and bidding automation that can convert almost anyone into a digital marketing maestro. Just think of your own search behavior. Rarely do we have the modern-day attention span past page one SERPs (search engine results pages). Page one and two, for common search queries, find an average of 3-5 Google Ads per page. Check out this resource for more intel about the prowess of Google’s online advertising kingdom, right here. In next week’s post we’ll help you learn more about the how of driving traffic using Google Ads.

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