Selecting Google Ads Keywords for Ecommerce on a Budget

Google Ads Keywords for Ecommerce

In our last post we touched on the more advanced boolean operator approach but concluded with a preview to  keyword matching options. Specifically, when bidding, it’s the option to choose either: broad, phrase or exact match parameters. In the context of keywords and writing great ads for your ecommerce store, the matching options can make or break your budget. As a conservative bidder, my ads are often restricted to exact match parameters. However, whenever I employ Google’s keyword planner, the temptation to broaden my reach gets as strong as the force. Ecommerce shops need SEM (search engine marketing) or online advertising for a variety of reasons. Primarily, if your organic content, SEO, isn’t producing page one results Google Ads can help. Imagine you are in this post’s featured image and the tightrope is your advertising and marketing budget. Similarly, embrace that metaphor for limiting your keyword matching options in your Google ads.

Broad, Phrase or Exact Match?

To match or not to match, that is the question. If you are new to Google Ads and are looking for a way to pick the best keywords for your ecommerce site, here’s the scoop. Phrase match has consistently been my default Google Ad keyword matching option. Online stores who are closely aligned with a fulfillment and shipping partner should ask questions about packing and inserts. Try to gain any market knowledge you can by asking questions. Ideally, if your products have a unique selling proposition, USP, you’re in good shape. Remember, USP is what makes your business better than the competition. Let’s say that’s a “waterproof sealer” that “bonds in one minute.” Well, then you have a good argument for an “exact match” strategy. Likewise, if your product is esoteric or very specific to your industry like “delorean flux capacitor” chances are exact match options are going to work. It’s the short-tail broad match strategy that I see throwing marketing and advertising strategist, on a budget, off balance. Be aware that daily budgets can get eaten up before noon. We’ll talk about scheduling in our next post.

For more information, check out a few of our previous post on Google Ads, below. Perhaps you have additional questions about shipping and fulfillment services? Click here to send us a message.

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