Customer Experience – The Digital Journey

The Data-Driven Digital Journey and New Customer Experience

Among just a few of the buzz words you will find in our online vernacular like optimization, transformation and edge computing there is one that stands out for this post. As our featured image depicts a smart modern city at rest under the IOT (internet of things), the ICT (information communication technology) is hard at work curating the new customer experience. While some futurist and modern e-commerce evangelists preach that the pandemic accelerated retail digital transformation, it has been inevitable to many. Since the invention of the silicon chip in 1961 which simultaneously scaled down and served as a hyperemic needle to technology, the revolution of miniaturized devices was the gateway to the IOT and indeed the new customer experience.

SaaS – eCommerce Platforms

If you are a new reader to the My Fulfillment Company blog, it’s likely you’re asking “what’s with all the technical jargon?’ While it’s true that many of our clients get by just fine without technology, there’s just one catch. In the very near future online businesses must take advantages of the potential economies of scale through technology. Therefore, let’s get ahead of the New Year’s Resolutions and start thinking about finding a platform for your e-commerce business. First, SaaS stands for software as a service. You may look at the services offered by most platforms as a fundamental introduction to the new customer experience.

Traditionally, a business looks towards technology to help manage supply chain and/or accounting concerns. Moreover, more modern business models looks towards technology to get in the PPC (pay per click) game of SEM (search engine marketing). However, the main feature we recommend seeking out is the out-of-box solution that is based around tracking. To understand visitor behaviors is your first step towards capitalizing on the new customer experience.

Beyond the Shopping Cart

While most people think of privacy compliance, tracking behavior is a much deeper science. For most users Google Analytics becomes cumbersome and confusing, definitely not user friendly; however, help is on the way. Today the new customer experience expects personalization and, indeed, analysis of the journey. “We noticed you left your shopping cart without checking out.” Imagine the benefit of data from an answer to that statement. There already exists AI powered software that can turn a CMS into a sales machine. Marketing automation might begin with personalized recommendations but the end is unknown. One thing we know for sure is that the data-driven journey and the new customer experience has only just begun.

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