Fulfillment Trends 2022 Part II

Subscription eCommerce

We continue Part II of our Fulfillment Trends miniseries by looking at one of the newer models on the block, subscription eCommerce. One of the most popular trending e-commerce models is an all-in-one method for improving online customer loyalty. Online entrepreneurs not only magnify marketing channels by providing customer convenience but also enhance quarterly forecasting and retain more business.

The most critical factor of subscription-based retail are the advantages. For example, a subscription box business, gives people the feeling of personalization. Boxes are curated based on customer preferences. Furthermore, it’s a proven winner. Wines, candles, flowers, jewelry and even doggie treats are all examples of monthly subscription services which began online.

What are the best eCommerce Subscription Platforms?

Above all, a subscription ecommerce platform allows online retailers a way to take payments and bill or invoice clients periodically. They also allow subscribers to cancel, temporarily suspend or renew. The best platforms allow new users to easily create and manage their user profiles and preferences. Most importantly, it automatically collects payments. Among some of the most popular and best ecommerce subscription platforms are WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Sellfy, Subbly, Recurly and WIX.

Subscription Fulfillment Trends Summary

In conclusion, each subscription e-commerce platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make note of transaction fees, fulfillment services integration, failed payments and return features.  Access to analytics and marketing channel integration like social media are also important platform distinctions. Remember, not one size fits all, it’s important to curate subscriptions for the ever coveted personalization factor. Look for alternative, variable subscription, models which can help differentiate your business in a crowded space. Also, look for a built in CRM, customer relationship management, tool to provide even more customized services.

Finally, look for more posts in our blog  and read more holiday trends to get the jump on the new year.

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