Fulfillment Trends 2022

Digital Transformation Drives Fulfillment Trends for 2022

As the first full pandemic year draws to an uncertain close, fulfillment trends for 2022 reflect more technological advances. Many consumer behavior trends are largely due to the acceleration of digital transformation that provides an increase in edge computing in today’s internet of things. More interaction with our digital devices, through more touchpoints, means more point of sale opportunities. Specifically, as online transactional latency reduces, consumers report better customer experiences.

Traditionally, bipartisan politics and holiday shopping are on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, economic policies can affect consumer spending. For example, stimulus checks to help consumers during holidays. Fulfillment trends for 2022 may be disrupted by society’s disagreements about wearing protective masks, getting the vaccination and other individual freedoms. Moreover, consumers are becoming more open to subscription offerings. In fact, according to GfK’s FutureBuy survey 22% of consumers say they will continue using subscription services, up 7% from 2021.

Curated Subscriptions

By this time next year we could very well be talking about augmented reality, virtual reality and meta verse shopping preferences. The online e-commerce landscape continues to change towards a more immersive and personalized experience. Curated subscriptions are a type of tailored commerce, retail, experience. Trends in fulfillment for 2022 may be most affected by this subcategory with a particular impact on product categories such as beauty and wellness. In fact, we like to consider ourselves experts in those fulfillment services.

Subscription Business Models

If you are wondering if a subscription-based business model is right for your online store, the answer is probably yes.  Any e-commerce store with a business offering similar products for sell can add a subscription service. Subscription services offer another value add to build customer loyalty and sales retention to your brand or suite of products.

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