Kitting Health and Beauty Product Packaging

Kitting Products: Health and Beauty Packaging

Many online merchants that specialize in health and beauty products rely on kitting packages direct to consumer with economies of scale as an objective. Kitting health and beauty products has advantages over pick and pack processes, discussed in this post. While fulfillment costs are a major concern for kitting products, postal savings come in a close second. The third biggest reason online stores rely on health and beauty kitting is more efficient weighing and labeling. Cutting the base fee per order adds up when kitting products.

What does it mean to kit health and beauty products?

Choosing the right fulfillment company includes thinking about supply chain processes as well as packaging and distribution models. Imagine if for every order an hourly employee was tasked to retrieve a single product. That’s easy to think about in the context of giant shipping companies like Amazon but for smaller businesses it’s not always practical or economical. Add to that manpower weighing, labeling and packaging to get a sense of how quickly profit margins become compromised.

When merchants combine multiple products, especially health and beauty goods, to create a bundle it’s known as kitting. The new units are ready to ship with precalculated postage, packaging and profit.

Is Pick and Pack Better than Kitting?

Pick and pack will always be an integral part of online order fulfillment and inventory management. Goods received, picked, packed and shipped using 3PL (Third-party logistics) require strategic planning as there are several methods. Picking by batch, zone, piece or a combination wave should be considered as alternatives to kitting. However, it may be the best fulfillment company considers a combination of methods as well as the specific merchant. My Fulfillment Company doesn’t look at all companies the same because products and operations vary across an assortment of criteria.

My Fulfillment Company wants to earn our clients continued loyalty and gain new business by considering multiple inventory and shipping solutions. From pick and pack to kitting we seek the best process to reduce cost and increase efficiency. As your company grows it’s increasingly mission critical to scale work and always focus on prompt delivery.

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