Online Shopping and Inflation 2022 part II

Inflation Drops as Online Shopping Continues to Rise Last week this blog series brought news from one of my newest interest Adobe's Digital Price Index. In this episode, it's part II of our online shopping and inflation 2022 report. There's still time to read Online Shopping and Inflation Part I. That Forbes article "Inflation Cost [...]

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What is the Adobe Digital Economy Index?

Move Over Google: Adobe's Digital Economy Index In a recent blog, Online Shopping and Inflation 2022, Adobe's March report caught the attention of several subscribers. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, one factoid in particular. "In 2021, 41.8% of e-commerce overall was driven by just three categories: groceries, electronics and apparel."  Visit Adobe and download their digital economy [...]

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Ecommerce 2022 Check-In

Ecommerce and the Big Event's 2022 Agenda Last month at the New York Hilton, Midtown, one of the big Ecommerce 2022 events was held. In their own words the folks at CommerceNext aim to "harness the collective wisdom of our community to help marketers grow their businesses and advance their careers." However, upon reviewing the [...]

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Conversational Commerce and Your Online Store

E-Commerce and Conversational Tools Last week's blog took a dive into conversational marketing and the tool synonymous with the craft, DRIFT. Conversational commerce is a bit broader and could be a fit for your online store. Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, gets credit for term. He cites "conversational commerce" in a 2015 Medium article. [...]

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Conversational Marketing, Does My Ecommerce Site Need a Chat Bot?

Conversational Marketing Solution for Ecommerce Sites How about we begin this week's post with a history question?  Who remembers the Microsoft Office Assistant?  It was called Clippy and holds the distinction as the predecessor of today's chat bots. Chippy was the first chat bot I knew and possibly the start of conversational marketing. It might [...]

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Online Shopping and Inflation 2022

Adobe Reports on Online Shopping and Inflation As reported by Forbes, "Inflation Cost Online Shoppers 2.8 Billion in March, Adobe Reports," online shopping and inflation are growing major economic concerns. Items in categories such as apparel and groceries are getting the worst of it, along with soaring gas prices. So as we take a lap [...]

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The Future of Ecommerce Marketing is Now

The Future of Your Ecommerce Marketing As we move forward into the new year and look for better more efficient ways of ecommerce marketing, it's not if but when you run into "digital transformation." Earlier this month in our blog we shared our thoughts with the post: "eCommerce Digital Transformation." Of course, as online marketing [...]

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eCommerce Digital Transformation

It's time for eCommerce Digital Transformation A new year is upon us and it signals another leap in society and consumer behavior, it's time for ecommerce digital transformation.  It's year three of the 21st Century and most all online retailers are well into Web 2.0. We are in our second year of the pandemic and [...]

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eCommerce Platforms

What is an eCommerce Platform? Chances are for those of you reading this blog the idea of an eCommerce platform is a natural progression. You are in the online marketing and retail business because of a knack for both product sales and technology. E-Commerce platforms take many shapes and sizes but they all provide a [...]

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2022 E-commerce Predictions

Lessons from Amazon While Amazon strengthened its status as a worldwide hyperscaler in cloud computing, e-commerce sales fell below expectations. Looking at 2022 e-commerce predictions, there are lessons to learn from Amazon's underperformance. However, that underperformance still rings signification profit. Revenue in the third quarter of 2021 was up 15%, for example. On the other [...]

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