Conversational Marketing, Does My Ecommerce Site Need a Chat Bot?

Conversational Marketing Solution for Ecommerce Sites

How about we begin this week’s post with a history question?  Who remembers the Microsoft Office Assistant?  It was called Clippy and holds the distinction as the predecessor of today’s chat bots. Chippy was the first chat bot I knew and possibly the start of conversational marketing. It might be a stretch to give the discontinued intelligent user interface, from Microsoft Office, that much credit. After all, it was an aggravating tool. A tool that was the topic of much criticism and parody. However, todays conversational marketing platforms for ecommerce have found fans. In fact, you can find them on most enterprise websites. Today, online store benefit from automations that qualify leads faster, book meetings and demos. Plus, these conversational marketing bots connect customers to popular answers.

Drift and Conversational Marketing

Not all chat bots are alike. Specifically,  there is a difference between those annoying help desk bots like Zendesk and platforms like Drift. However, Zendesk’s award-winning customer service software has value and utility. Drift’s mission critical function is “connecting buyers with sellers and empowering experiences.” Now is a good time to refer you to another blog: “Customer Experience – The Digital Journey.” Speaking of Drift, they are the acknowledged pioneers in the conversational marketing space. Also, on a personal note, my writings on Drift campaigns result from my own experiences. Drift has grown into a product with multiple platforms. For example, conversational sales, customer service and marketing make up the basic suite of Drift’s offerings.

Writing the Playbook

Let’s assume your online store is optimized for 24/7 sales. Ecommerce ad campaigns and social media automations are sending traffic to your product pages. Therefore, conversational marketing tools like the Drift bot could be the next evolution in your digital transformation. Let’s see what that setup task looks like. Your site visitors experience with Drift should be based on what page they’ve landed on. You will have to control these experiences by creating playbooks. Playbooks are your workflows to help visitors find information. Also, you can offer the option to chat directly with sales. To create successful playbooks you’ll need to plan and experiment. Remember, the content of each playbook depends on your target audience.



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