Conversational Commerce and Your Online Store

Conversational Commerce

E-Commerce and Conversational Tools Last week’s blog took a dive into conversational marketing and the tool synonymous with the craft, DRIFT. Conversational commerce is a bit broader and could be a fit for your online store. Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, gets credit for term. He cites “conversational commerce” in a 2015 Medium article. […]

Conversational Marketing, Does My Ecommerce Site Need a Chat Bot?

Conversational Marketing Ecommerce

Conversational Marketing Solution for Ecommerce Sites How about we begin this week’s post with a history question?  Who remembers the Microsoft Office Assistant?  It was called Clippy and holds the distinction as the predecessor of today’s chat bots. Chippy was the first chat bot I knew and possibly the start of conversational marketing. It might […]