Conversational Commerce and Your Online Store

E-Commerce and Conversational Tools

Last week’s blog took a dive into conversational marketing and the tool synonymous with the craft, DRIFT. Conversational commerce is a bit broader and could be a fit for your online store. Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, gets credit for term. He cites “conversational commerce” in a 2015 Medium article.

Integrating your online store with messaging and chat applications may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, the data and user experience enhancements has a lot of store owners giving it a second look.

Chat Bot Clutter and Annoying UX

Platforms with shopping carts probably have these tools on standby. For example, Big Commerce, Shopify and WordPress each have plugins to get the ball rolling. Specifically, there are entry-level technologies to integrate with your existing CRMs. It’s time to up your game and forget the chat box clutter complaints. Users who want 24/7 customer service or sales information simply expect more.

Voice Technology

The examples are stacking: Amazon Alexa’s Echo and Echo Dot. Google Assistant devices are growing from watches, to speakers to wearables. Obviously your phone is listening but is your car? There will be an omnipresent adoption of voice technology under the banner of conversational commerce. Collecting data about your sites visitors is the first step. Providing a personal customer experience that converts visitors to clients is economically within reach.

In conclusion, as you race for online profits, consider the journey of your most important assets – your customers. 

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