The Future of Ecommerce Marketing is Now

The Future of Your Ecommerce Marketing

As we move forward into the new year and look for better more efficient ways of ecommerce marketing, it’s not if but when you run into “digital transformation.” Earlier this month in our blog we shared our thoughts with the post: “eCommerce Digital Transformation.” Of course, as online marketing retailers, you have already embraced one or more technologies that have transformed the space. However, embracing the Web 3.0 isn’t something everyone is going to transition to overnight. Just as Facebook has pivoted their entire online model to Metaverse we too must look into the horizon only to find the future is already here.

Enterprise-level businesses in the fulfillment services industry have been planning their transformation for years. For example, sustainability is one of the key performance indicators to gauge digital transformation. That’s right, Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and look to become carbon free by 2030. As online shoppers, our target audience, become more sophisticated it’s their preference with whom to do business with that matters. Would you believe that preferences might have less to do with price and speed of shipping and more to do with environmental sustainability? This is the future of ecommerce marketing, a responsible space that’s transforming before your screens.

What’s Old is New Again

Regardless of when you got into the online ecommerce marketing game, like everything else, the only constant is change. New email technologies walk a tightrope between privacy and data collection. The old ways of keeping your pipeline updated on sales and specials might seem like an entirely new way of doing things. CRM (customer relationship management) tools once exclusive to enterprise-level marketing campaigns are now at your fingertips. Part of the future of ecommerce marketing is the accessibility of technology. If you can transform your old way of email marketing into a new CRM based model the opportunities to learn more, sell more and scale up become exponentially higher.

First things First

Let’s imagine that for 2022 your business plan was to expand into a more highly scalable customer service model. A new way of doing business that positions your company as more sustainable than the competition. No more direct mail pieces or flyers, leave those guerrilla marketing tactics alone. If you can reduce your postage and printing cost enough to offset a small monthly fee for new services, it’s a no brainer. Perhaps you have heard of services like Sales Force, Hub Spot and Oracle? There are similar services from Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, among many others, that could be the perfect stepping stone. Start to understand your audiences and segment messages.

Next week, we’ll stay on the topic of digital transformation and practices CRMs for smaller business models. Until then please be in touch with any questions!


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