What is the Adobe Digital Economy Index?

Move Over Google: Adobe's Digital Economy Index In a recent blog, Online Shopping and Inflation 2022, Adobe's March report caught the attention of several subscribers. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, one factoid in particular. "In 2021, 41.8% of e-commerce overall was driven by just three categories: groceries, electronics and apparel."  Visit Adobe and download their digital economy [...]

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Ecommerce 2022 Check-In

Ecommerce and the Big Event's 2022 Agenda Last month at the New York Hilton, Midtown, one of the big Ecommerce 2022 events was held. In their own words the folks at CommerceNext aim to "harness the collective wisdom of our community to help marketers grow their businesses and advance their careers." However, upon reviewing the [...]

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Email Marketing Software Part II

Email Marketing: Digital Marketing Tools Rounding out the top tools for digital marketing, email marketing is often last on the list. However, as they say, last but not least as email marketing efforts require coordination with the other top five tools. Today's digital marketing experts understand that social media, design tools, analytics tools and content marketing [...]

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Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software for eCommerce In an earlier post we talked about digital transformation and urged readers to embrace the advantages afforded by technology. Last week in our topic, what's old is new again, we begin to discuss the transformative opportunities in email technology. While some may point to their inbox as a cluttered mess it's up [...]

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The Future of Ecommerce Marketing is Now

The Future of Your Ecommerce Marketing As we move forward into the new year and look for better more efficient ways of ecommerce marketing, it's not if but when you run into "digital transformation." Earlier this month in our blog we shared our thoughts with the post: "eCommerce Digital Transformation." Of course, as online marketing [...]

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