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In an earlier post we talked about digital transformation and urged readers to embrace the advantages afforded by technology. Last week in our topic, what’s old is new again, we begin to discuss the transformative opportunities in email technology. While some may point to their inbox as a cluttered mess it’s up to ecommerce marketing professionals to stand out in the crowd. Making email marketing campaigns work takes the form of four basic approaches. As our featured image suggests, it can feel a lot like casting a net into the ocean. First, email newsletters which are the most common type. Next, acquisition emails which are often times the most difficult opt-in approaches. Thirdly, retention emails and lastly promotional emails.

Printing and direct-mail campaigns are becoming less sustainable, it’s time to refocus on email marketing to acquire, engage and retain customers. According to a Mailchimp webpage, “for every $1 spent, email has an average return on investment (ROI) of $38.” Of course most online marketing merchandisers need a list and building an email marketing list is critical to a successful campaign. Adding an opt-in pop-up form to your website is a very popular way to build and grow your list. Facebook ads offer built-in tools to help gather names. Look at former customer orders, your personal email but don’t make the mistake of buying lists.

Constant Contact vs. Mailchimp

Let’s jump right in with the most popular platforms: Constant Content and Mailchimp. Perhaps the most important consideration for the uninitiated is customer service. Constant Contact has been around since 1995 and definitely gets the nod with an easy to find and access help line. If you’re like most people chat bots are one of the worst automations when seeking help. On the other hand, Mailchimp began in 2001 and entertains one of the most massive audiences at more than 4 billion users. In terms of email marketing features the next section will give you the vocabulary needed to help make the best decision.

Email Marketing Features

Aside from price, probably one of the most significant features is list management. Constant Contact makes list management easier through a more intuitive user interface. As your campaigns mature list segmentation and tags will become more important to your email nurturing or funnel marketing approach. Next, depending on your design abilities, templates are going to be a decider when choosing between the two platforms. With Constant Contact you’re going to be more generic looks but with Mailchimp the results can be more professional and polished looking.

Next week, we’ll resume the multi-faceted conversation about email marking software.  Until then please be in touch with any questions!


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