Email Marketing Software Part II

Email Marketing: Digital Marketing Tools

Rounding out the top tools for digital marketing, email marketing is often last on the list. However, as they say, last but not least as email marketing efforts require coordination with the other top five tools. Today’s digital marketing experts understand that social media, design tools, analytics tools and content marketing tools all have their place. Specifically, marketing integration relies on the full suite of digital marketing tools.

By next year it is estimated that there will be 4.3 billion global email users and to rise above spam folders is the main reason to start your digital transformation journey. In last week’s post we introduced the two main players in the email marketing software game. Now we’re going to round out that conversation by digging deeper into what separates the giants and what to look for when seeking out your preferred tool.

Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact

As we pick up on the features section from last week, recall that with Constant Contact templates the results often are a more generic look. On the other hand, Mailchimp results can be more professional and polished looking but there is a price to pay and that may often be to a professional designer or developer. Next, let’s look at analytics. The key insights include sends, bounces, open rates and click rates. For most online merchants looking to up their ecommerce game the all-in-one suite of data in Constant Contact will be a great beginning point. However, if you are managing this process for another company Mailchimp’s platform offers more options.

More Email Marketing Features

In this section, the email marketing tools get slightly more advanced as we step into the future of tools. Marketing automation has now been around for many years and the out-of-box offerings from both Mailchimp and Constant Contact both serve the purpose. In fact, there are so many facets to marketing automation we’ll have to cover it next week. Another feature is A/B testing. Think of the subject line in your emails as the best place to begin. Again both platforms offer the feature but Mailchimp wins out again with more experimentation options. As far as a clear cut winner, the verdict may be defined by your level of comment of ability. Stay tuned for more posts on this subject!

Next week, we’ll take a deeper dive into advanced email marketing features. Of course, until then please be in touch with any questions!


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