E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday 2021 Part 3

E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday Season 2021

In Part III of our e-commerce holiday shopping trends series we are going to wrap up by providing recommendations and predictions. Perhaps no other trend is more important than early shopping syndrome. Because of worldwide supply chain issues, due to thousands of shipping containers waiting at ports, retail goods will be at a premium this holiday season.  As grocery stores announce limits on popular holiday items, national retailer Publix recently made headlines, look for panic to affect the market.

In Part II we talked about trends in holiday shopping that will continue to favor early sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Almost everyone will partake in online shopping; however, as Forbes warns, expect shipping delays. In the famous holiday song, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” he made a list and checked it twice. We recommend making a list and planning on alternate gifts. Because it’s smart to expect shortages and delays, it’s even smarter to plan ahead and think of optional gifts.

Supply Chain Shortages and Shipping Container Logistics

Just because there is a worldwide shipping container logistics problem causing supply chain shortages doesn’t mean our online shopping habits will change. eMarketer cites an increase in Cyber Monday of over 12%. They expect an overall holiday ecommerce budge of more than 18%. As reported in Part I, online reviews will fuel consumer behaviors in more ways than one. When doing business with an online merchant, read reviews and get a sense of return policies and overall customer satisfaction.

Predictions and Tips: the Modern Deal

Thanks to the access of technology just about everyone has access to millions of consumers through smart phones and social networks. Online retailers who create shopping events and use an omnipresent approach will reap the seasonal benefits. Take the time to review your own products or make explainer videos. Share, tag and distribute your content for more search engine optimization. Online retailers who do the best job of getting their products noticed will have the best chance of finding new customers. However, new customers expect personalized service and excellent shipping experiences. As we look ahead to the new year, we expect more success for those who master the art of the modern deal.

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