E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday 2021 Part 2

More E-Commerce Shopping Trends for the 2021 Holiday Season

Earlier, in part one of our holiday shopping trends series, online reviews and personalization topped the list, now let’s look at more buyer behaviors to help your business grow. Ostensibly, online stores with built-in SEO and top-of-the-market shopping carts should provide the best platform fo re-commerce shopping. However, as the trends seem to always indicate, the younger audience continues to circle social media. Whether it’s through influencer marketing or perhaps your own network, finding the channel best suited for Gen Zers and millennials is often the key to a profitable holiday season.

Know Your Audience and National Trends

The old saying goes, “follow the money” and for holiday e-commerce that starts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While traditional brick and mortar retailers used to rule Black Friday, that’s no longer the cases. Today either the “Fall Break” or Thanksgiving “vacation” seems to officially start the holiday shopping season. In some households, as soon as the Halloween pumpkin leaves the front door, the familiar colors of Christmas appear. If you are an online merchant hoping to profit from the seasonal buying frenzy then there’s one trend to immediately recognize. E-commerce shopping seems to start earlier every year, get your campaigns underway now!

Sales Events Motivate Buyers, Especially Younger Shoppers

Now that you know, and have possibly researched the increase in holiday shopping planning it’s time to sell your products! Early online shopping trends may be best taken advantage of through social platforms because younger shoppers are looking for events. Make a sales event using your online store shopping cart as a destination. Drive viewers through boosted content, testimonials, influencers and product reviews. Use an omnichannel approach to your promotions and marketing efforts. Sales events take place on certain days, at certain times, with a sense of urgency. Limited time offers will drive engagement and interest using personalized touches through email and text first.

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