E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday 2021

Expect Record Sales Regardless of Inventory and Supply Chain Worries

In the last series of blogs we have been watching the news as reports of container ships, all around the world, stall within miles of their port destinations. Ecommerce merchants and online retailers full of supply chains and inventory worries made plans for the worse. However, according to e-commerce trends for this holiday season, online shopping will set yet another record. While many covid-weary shoppers report they will undertake a hybrid model of shopping the increasing personalization and access to information is set to fuel another hot season.

Consumers Expect Personalized Services

Among the most important trends for 2021 is eCommerce personalization. Personal experiences include product recommendations, dynamic content like package openings and testimonials.  Specifically, identifying user behaviors as a way to predict future purchases is a very hot topic. Since data is a recognized commodity, aggravating demographic and other personal data is critical for online merchants who want to increase repeat purchases and increase conversion. Personalized showrooms, shopping parties and other engagement tactics are going to fight against cart-abandonment in more creative ways.

Reviews Continue to Grow in Importance

Finally, companies like Trustpilot  along with dozens of other review sites are fighting in the online space for those looking for reviews. As online reviews continue to drive sales and monetize data look for more browser tools which make those interactions easier. Trust and reliability, responsible packaging and sustainability are gaining influence for younger shoppers. Consider asking your fulfillment company about green packing alternatives.

For more insight read our blog, following are a few helpful articles about inventory management and fulfillment services.

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