E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday 2021 Part 2

More E-Commerce Shopping Trends for the 2021 Holiday Season Earlier, in part one of our holiday shopping trends series, online reviews and personalization topped the list, now let’s look at more buyer behaviors to help your business grow. Ostensibly, online stores with built-in SEO and top-of-the-market shopping carts should provide the best platform fo re-commerce […]

E-Commerce Trends for the Holiday 2021

ecommerce trends holiday 2021

Expect Record Sales Regardless of Inventory and Supply Chain Worries In the last series of blogs we have been watching the news as reports of container ships, all around the world, stall within miles of their port destinations. Ecommerce merchants and online retailers full of supply chains and inventory worries made plans for the worse. However, […]

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment and the Container Ship Crisis

Container Ship Crisis

How the Container Ship Crisis is Affecting E-Commerce Order Fulfillment The Port of Singapore, shown in this post’s image, is the second largest in the world according to Ship Technology.  Ahead is the Port of Shanghai with only the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest, cracking the top-ten non-asian shipping operations in the world. As a […]

Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems

Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems

Are You Having Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems? Perhaps you are like most online business owners and rely on external vendors for many stages of your supply chain. Ecommerce fulfillment problems arise because of several factors and in this blog we look at identifying the most frequent challenges. Perhaps you are spending time reading about changes in policy […]

Shipping Disruption and Global Supply Chains

Shipping Distribution

Global supply chains disrupted as record-breaking queues of container ships are stalled outside major ports A myriad of container ships, like the one pictured above, remain stranded outside American ports. Accordingly, the shipping disruption continues to shake global supply chains and attracts international news. Moreover, cargo vessels contain goods that millions of consumers rely on from their […]

Container Ships and Supply Chain

Container Ships and Supply Chain

Crisis at Sea: Container Ships disrupt Supply Chains Across America Retailers around the world may no longer ignore the global container ship and supply chain disruption. In a recent article, Esquire magazine cites an “ongoing traffic jam of huge ships off the California coast.”  The article estimates hundreds of miles of ships are stranded at […]

The Company Supply Chain

What is the Company Supply Chain? The Supply Chain means different things to different business models but everyone agrees on its importance to success. In our e-commerce driven economy, especially given the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, understanding your supply chain defines profit. The company supply chain is a matrix or network between a customer and […]

Can a Small Business Benefit from Supply Chain Management Services?

Supply Chain Small Business

How Small Business Benefits from Supply Chain Management Services If you’re just getting started in your ecommerce business endeavor, you might think that hiring an outside company to help you with supply chain management is overkill – especially if your customer base is still relatively small. However, there are benefits in having a trusted partner […]