E-Commerce Order Fulfillment and the Container Ship Crisis

How the Container Ship Crisis is Affecting E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

The Port of Singapore, shown in this post’s image, is the second largest in the world according to Ship Technology.  Ahead is the Port of Shanghai with only the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest, cracking the top-ten non-asian shipping operations in the world. As a small-business owner you probably already know the importance of these facts and how they affect the container ship crisis. Western hemishper e-commerce order fulfillment relies on Asian merchandise and speedy delivery from ports in LA and Long Beach. A recent article in Forbes cited more than 75 ships waiting in a “log jam” for three months.  Specifically, to put the last statistic into perspective, the average container ship holds 14,000 containers.

What is Causing the Container Ship Crisis

The container ship crisis is not limited to America’s west coast nor is it solely the liability of Asia. Savannah, Georgia, the east coast’s second largest port, has some 80,000 in waiting cites Business Insider from a New York Times report. Whether post-pandemic revenge economy is to blame or simply poor planning and logistics is up for debate. Others think a global supply and demand chess match is in play. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, it’s affecting e-commerce order fulfillment.

Fulfillment Services and Container Ship Alternatives

To summarize, there is no clear explanation for the container ship crisis but one thing is certain, it’s affecting e-commerce order fulfillment. My Fulfillment Company can offer suggestions on most supply chain, inventory and storage questions. You can trust our local services, we offer inventory management and provide the software to make it all happen.

For more insight read our blog, following are a few helpful articles about inventory management and fulfillment services.

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