How Email Marketing Automation Helps Order Fulfillment

Email Marketing Automation and Fulfillment

In last week’s post about email marketing software, we ended with a conversation about advanced email marketing automation tools. Specifically, from Mailchimp and Constant Contact, to help guide the discussion in the context of pros and cons. Next, let’s visualize one of your customers making a purchase and is greeted by your ecommerce software with a “thank you” page. In many cases the cycle has come full circle and only packaging and shipping remain. However, in the new era of marketing automation, there are many considerations for your customer. Remember, in 2023 there will be an estimated  4.3 billion global email users.  Email marketing automation is one of the best ways to say in focus with an eye towards repeat business and loyalty.

Automation Features from Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Keep in mind we are using Mailchimp and Constant Contact as examples to learn from but there are other brands and platforms to consider. Getting back to the fulfillment workflow. Consider, for example, you’ve just made a sale and essentially earned the right to market, via email, to your new client. First, a “welcome” email is a great way to segment new subscribers into workflows. Think of a workflow like Constant Contact does, as automation email series. The first goal is to create triggers, or actions, that qualify users into one or more nurturing streams. Open an email, click a link or join a list are a few of the most popular options. Once you’ve engaged a member of your email marketing list, target and personalize communications. Mailchimp calls these “subscriber activity emails.”

Abandoned Basket Emails

When thinking about the biggest pain point for most online marketing businesses, it’s the abandoned basket. How many times have you left a cart full and got caught up with another email, video or boiling water on the stove? It happens. The global average rate of cart abandonment is a whopping 75%  – across all industries, according to Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics. Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact enable abandon cart emails with their respective integration partners.

In next week’s post look for the final step in email marketing automation, retargeting. If you have questions about fulfillment services an recommended ecommerce platforms please be in touch with any questions!


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