E-Commerce Order Fulfillment and the Container Ship Crisis

How the Container Ship Crisis is Affecting E-Commerce Order Fulfillment The Port of Singapore, shown in this post's image, is the second largest in the world according to Ship Technology.  Ahead is the Port of Shanghai with only the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest, cracking the top-ten non-asian shipping operations in the world. As a [...]

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Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems

Are You Having Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems? Perhaps you are like most online business owners and rely on external vendors for many stages of your supply chain. Ecommerce fulfillment problems arise because of several factors and in this blog we look at identifying the most frequent challenges. Perhaps you are spending time reading about changes in policy [...]

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Shipping Disruption and Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains disrupted as record-breaking queues of container ships are stalled outside major ports A myriad of container ships, like the one pictured above, remain stranded outside American ports. Accordingly, the shipping disruption continues to shake global supply chains and attracts international news. Moreover, cargo vessels contain goods that millions of consumers rely on from their [...]

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Container Ships and Supply Chain

Crisis at Sea: Container Ships disrupt Supply Chains Across America Retailers around the world may no longer ignore the global container ship and supply chain disruption. In a recent article, Esquire magazine cites an "ongoing traffic jam of huge ships off the California coast."  The article estimates hundreds of miles of ships are stranded at [...]

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What Does the Phrase “Pick and Pack” Mean in the Fulfillment World?

If you are new to the ecommerce industry, there’s quite a bit of lingo you will need to familiarize yourself with if you really want to succeed. The phrase “pick and pack” is a fine example of this, and many people are unsure of what it means. Below, you’ll discover the definition of the phrase [...]

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E-Commerce and Fulfillment Projections

Beauty Products Lead the Way for Online Retail Shopping As we close in on the end of the second decade of the new millennium, it’s apropos to look back a few years at the growth of e-commerce, beauty products and fulfillment service companies. Specifically, a few thoughts about e-commerce and fulfillment projections.  According to research [...]

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What are fifth-party logistics (5PL)?

Fifth-party logistics (5PL) Fulfillment Services While many organizations may ask what are fifth-party logistics (5PL), only larger companies may find their cost justified. A 5PL, fifth-party logistics, firm is a resource for companies to outsource all supply chain and fulfillment services. In fact, a 5PL company looks to solve their client's logistics needs through large networks [...]

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3PL, 4PL and LLP Fulfillment Services

3PL, 4PL and LLP Fulfillment Services In an earlier post from the MyFulfillment Company Blog we discussed the difference between 3PL (third party logistics) and 4PL logistics. Here, we will discuss another option for business owners looking to scale up and increase efficiencies, LLP (lead logistics provider) fulfillment services. While researching this piece we came across [...]

3PL or 4PL Fulfillment?

Which is better 3PL or 4PL Fulfillment? In our previous blog, 3PL Fulfillment Centers Explained, we discussed several unique characteristics of third party logistics, 3PL, outsourcing distribution and warehousing. In this article we'll look at which is better 3PL or 4PL fulfillment. Spoiler alert, there is no black and white answer for that question, it all [...]

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3PL Fulfillment Centers Explained

3PL Fulfillment Centers Explained Even after the infamous dot-com bubble burst one thing was clear, e-commerce was here to stay. Through the growing new economy 3PL and fulfillment centers became synonymous. The speculation of the 1990's survived into the aughts and sustained a new online economy that continues to soar. Today, entrepreneurs and enterprise organizations alike [...]

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