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Are Fulfillment Companies the Same? About My Fulfillment Company

While many fulfillment companies are the same, it’s often the most responsive company that wins accounts. That’s one of the most important factors for success when thinking about My Fulfillment Company. Another critical success metric isn’t an analytic at all, it’s proximity. Maybe you asked Siri or Alexa to “find a fulfillment company nearby.” Coupled with location, My Fulfillment Company seeks to stand out from the competition by prompt service and customized services.

Equally important to a flexible account contract and convenience is price. Hidden fees, hard to translate terms and extended contracts are expenses too often overlooked when comparing apples to apples. Sure all fulfillment companies have the same fundamental goal but how they get there is often the difference.

What Are Fulfillment Companies?

Of course you could be looking for a quick definition of fulfillment company services which also vary company by company. If your company acts as a middleman that never physically handles merchandise then inventory is less of a challenge. However for companies that need both inventory warehousing and management the competition for services becomes a major concern.

While fulfillment companies must be concerned with order slips, packaging and shipping, it is the monitoring of inventory levels, orders and shipments that separates competition. Maintaining excellent customer service functions is often overlooked when defining fulfillment companies. As a matter of fact, product and merchandise return handling is as important as shipping and handling.

Are Warehousing Companies Like Fulfillment Centers?

Together with fulfillment centers, warehouses store products and merchandise. However that’s where it ends for warehouses and only where it begins for fulfillment centers.  For example, My Fulfillment Company provides 24-hour monitored security system services which means clients have confidence that their goods are safe and sound. Of course security measures aren’t just for breaking and entering, our storage facility also provides a fire-suppression compliant sprinkler system. For that matter most warehouses do have some fire and security prevention but you can’t be too sure when your company’s assets are at risk. My Fulfillment Company also stores clients’ goods in a solid concrete-reinforced building.

Our website is full of helpful blog post articles that cover a wide range of fulfillment company service questions and facts. Another resource we think you will find helpful is 6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment, continue learning!

We are here to serve you and your business, just contact us with any questions or to set an appointment to discuss a custom order fulfillment needs inventory.

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