Attention Online Retail and Wholesale / Ecommerce Stores with High Sales Volumes

If you have found this article because you own or are responsible for an online store then you’ve come to the right place. Asking questions like “what is order fulfillment” seems obvious; however, getting to the bottom of things is often harder than it appears. Order fulfillment is a broad subject and means different things to different companies whether a proprietorship, partnership, limited liability or corporation. Many, who have been handling this themselves, are wondering if it’s time to scale up and outsource.

At a basic level order fulfillment focuses on the liability of inventory, packaging and shipping.   Once the familiar pick and pack job is complete add in customer returns and the question, “what is order fulfillment?” becomes more complete. Full-service fulfillment operations like My Fulfillment Company offer integrated one-stop services that cover the needs of high-volume operations and growing mom-and-pop shops alike.

For most business owners getting orders packed and shipped within one business day is the most important criteria for success. What about those orders that need customization like kitting or assembly? A solid fulfillment company will provide those services. For marketing, product and growth oriented packaging inserts and flyers are also an important packaging add on. Not to get lost in the shuffle of warehouse workers sifting through lanes of consumer goods, and often raw products, is the supply chain function.

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My Fulfillment Company considers merchants within industries like health and beauty, accessories and small electronics and vitamin and nutritional supplements to be an ideal partner. If you are wondering about finding the right fit for your online business, contact us today.

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