Order Fulfillment Meaning and Management Best Practices

What is Order fulfillment?

Fulfillment companies must work hard to strategically display and arrange an eCommerce store that drives traffic to become successful. Examples of web traffic that comes from marketing channel management include search engine optimization, paid advertising and a presence in one or more sites like Amazon, Google Shopping or Ebay. In a nutshell order fulfillment involves many of the processes required before an online sale occurs.

Order fulfillment begins and ends with the goal of customer satisfaction. Online retailers knows that shoppers are only a click away from sites that have bad reviews from a negative delivery experiences. Moreover, when looking for a third-party fulfillment company business owners, both large and small, must look for an end-to-end solution. As a matter of fact, My Fulfillment Company provides complete order fulfillment which includes order management, packaging, shipping, as well as inventory management and support services.

What does fulfillment mean?

Fulfillment means to process, prepare and package orders for shipment. However, the order fulfillment business is multifaceted but it begins and ends with management.  When online shoppers navigate to the coveted shopping cart check out, usually a third-party order fulfillment company completes the order and ensures customer satisfaction. Order fulfillment companies are critical for most online stores to build customer loyalty and stay competitive.

How do you manage order fulfillment?

My Fulfillment Company works out logistics of order fulfillment and inventory management services by first understanding the unique needs of online marketers. To skillfully manage order fulfillment they pick up orders, pack and ship within one business day. In today’s online eCommerce market, anything else is second best and not good enough. While most orders are expedited and shipped the same day,  to help clients with customer satisfaction, the proper management of order fulfillment is critical.

More Order Fulfillment Facts:

Online businesses looking for complete order fulfillment services often go with companies that provide an extra layer of service. My Fulfillment Company will customize a packing list to your order specifications. They choose a fulfillment company that uses detailed inventory reporting to ensure orders are processed and shipped on time. Plus, a leading order fulfillment company that offers a full range of shipping methods with discounted shipping options available.

Thinking about custom packaging, do products need extra handling like kitting and assembly? How about adding inserts and marketing flyers? Other concerns include the absolute necessity of returns processing.  In many cases inventory storage options come in extra handy for handling return items quickly and efficiently.

If your company is wondering what is included in order fulfillment services or what to know about order fulfillment services start by reading why to trust My Fulfillment Company.  Contact us to learn about our customized approach for shipping, inventory and other fulfillment needs. Send us and email today!

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