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The Beginnings: A New Fulfillment Company, Based in Atlanta, Georgia

About five years ago, after a successful online mail-order ecommerce run, My FulFillment Company was founded, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Already at home in the nation’s 10th largest economy, My Fulfillment Company (MFC) grew out of nutritional supplement industry. With sales exceeding 2 million, the company became experts at storage, packaging and shipping logistics.

With so much experience and expertise in the fulfillment business, as a result of “learning on the job,” stakeholders decided to pivot and form a fulfillment company. “We essentially had our own fulfillment team in-house, so it was the next logical transition,” said a founding co-owner. Because My Fulfillment Company spawned from an already successful ecommerce model there were many things, inherently, that became difference makers.

Making a Difference in the Fulfillment Business

As an Atlanta-based fulfillment company, home too over a dozen Fortune 500 and two dozen Fortune 1000 company headquarters, thousands of small businesses exist as support functions, critical to mission success. Here, in the middle of the distribution hub of the Southeast, a large product distribution industry thrives.  Finding a niche for smaller to mid-sized companies proved to be the receipt for success for My Fulfillment Company. “Our experience goes beyond that of fulfillment and logistics, as we built a company from the ground up… our experience in areas such as branding, online marketing, sales and customer service all help us understand our customer’s needs” cited ownership.

Regarding the qualities that separate My Fulfillment Company from the competition owners first discuss customer service. As barriers to entry for many logistic-centric companies become less imposing the human touch component increasingly becomes key. Providing fulfillment support to smaller companies requires flexibility in customizations. Unlike many of the boxes, where one size fits all, My Fulfillment Company client’s are not the same.

Lessons Learned, Improve Efficiencies of Scale and Delivery

Since My Fulfillment Company grew out of an already successful online merchandise model, transferring that knowledge to similar product support helped in specialization and differentiation. Originally focused on shipping hundreds of thousands of natural supplements, owners and managers found that similar products’ shipping and packaging could be improved. Among those items that My Fulfillment Company has special expertise are: vitamin and nutritional supplements; health and beauty; accessories and small electronics. From drop shipping, inventory packaging, shipping and warehousing, the services of an all-around fulfillment company include and exceed the supply-chain.

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