Which is better 3PL or 4PL Fulfillment?

In our previous blog,¬†3PL Fulfillment Centers Explained, we discussed several unique characteristics of third party logistics, 3PL, outsourcing distribution and warehousing. In this article we’ll look at which is better 3PL or 4PL fulfillment. Spoiler alert, there is no black and white answer for that question, it all depends. On the other hand, 4PL¬†offers more services than 3PL but there is an expense to consider. Now, when weighing out your options for fulfillment services and supply chain logistics, consider ROI.

3PL vs 4PL

To look at 3PL versus 4PL in a fair fight it is critical to consider your core competencies. If project management and supply chain negotiations are a strong point then perhaps escalating services is not necessary. If, on the other hand, your entrepreneurial genius lies in marketing and merchandising then seeking out additional logistics support may increase your profits or return on investment.

Fulfillment Services and Logistics

Whether you are a bit more hands on and prefer to limit logistics support to a 3PL vs a 4PL model, one thing is absolute, time is money. Outsourcing any logistics from supply chain to returns can save business owners valuable time. Think of internal operations as an opportunity to capitalize on market conditions, trends and other economic factors.

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