Reverse Logistics and Fulfillment Services

Reverse Logistics and Fulfillment Services

As a necessary evil of the online industry “online returns more than doubled in 2020 from 2019,” according to the National Retail Federation. In this post we’ll look at some factors to consider when thinking about reverse logistics and provide a few strategies to reconsider the good from the bad. A fulfillment services company can make or break your customer relationship management, read on.

Reverse Logistics: How to Improve Online Returns

The two most common types of returns are either the wrong item being shipped or the item being damaged. While careful packaging goes a long way to keep items from damage during shipping, there are a few important considerations. First, try to box and ship in the best-sized container possible. The better the fit the less likely there will be damage. Further, custom boxes are easier to send back meaning a faster turnaround. Next, make sure your product descriptions are concise and accurate. If products come in multiple sizes or colors, make sure there’s a confirmation in your shopping cart. Speaking of that final stage in the online sales process, make sure your return policy is clear. While you should provide a fair return policy, the third most common type of return is user error. Consider a charge for return shipping when your customer simply changes their mind.

Reverse Logistics Can Boost Sales

You might be wondering how can a return package help my online retail business? It all starts with building trust and loyalty, making a seemingly bad situation profitable. A popular proactive strategy is to include insert coupons in each package. The chances are that during return your customer might take advantage of potential additional savings right away. By doing your best to expedite the return you are showing good will which builds trust and, ultimately, results in return business.

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