Trusting Your Fulfillment Company

Trusting Your Fulfillment Company

We hope readers of this article are actively looking for a fulfillment company partner they can trust. However, as business owners we each have somewhat different ideas of what trust means. What are the most important things to consider when thinking about trusting your fulfillment company? Most small to medium-sized businesses see price as the major obstacle when choosing a fulfillment company.

Therefore, when the price is right the bridge of trust extends. Long-term contracts with hidden, early cancellation, fees can feel a little suspicious when starting a new partnership. My Fulfillment Company offers customized quotes with flexibility and convenience in mind. Our goal is to empower clients to focus on their business and leave the logistics and worry of order fulfillment to the professionals.

Monitoring and Information Management Tools

Another major obstacle of developing mutual trust in a business partnership is information transparency. We provide monitoring and information management tools to help our clients keep track of inventory, orders and shipments in real time.  A bond of trust is further established when inventory is low and you are alerted to possible supply issues. An accurate daily inventory count is mission critical for your supply and demand control. Reliable product handling means your inventory is shelved and ready for packaging in a timely manner. Trusting your fulfillment company means predicable, real-time information at your fingertips.

Security and Fire Prevention

Beyond price and reliable information technology a final critical piece of the trust puzzle is security.  Nothing builds trust faster than a safe storage facility with 24-hour monitored security. Concrete-reinforced storage rooms with fire suppression sprinkler systems are present in all of our facilities. Even the most efficient management plan is suseptable to natural disasters and theft.  Speaking of management plans here are a few previous post you might find interesting:

My Fulfillment Company carefully chooses partners who are actively looking for fulfillment solutions. Our goal is to provide economies of scale so you can take back your business and focus on what you do best. We believe when you trust My Fulfillment Company you save time, money and effort.  Perhaps a partnership is a good idea, contact us today.

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