Top 5 Ideas for Packaging Inserts that Make Your Brand Memorable

Packaging Inserts Ideas 

Believe it or not, packaging inserts are a big deal. Not only will your customers appreciate them (as long as they are relevant and non-obtrusive), but they can also help make your brand more memorable in a few very interesting ways. Here are five different ideas that you can put to the test to see which one will help your business truly grow, regardless of your industry. 

#1 – Discount Cards

If there’s one thing that will help your business grow, it’s loyalty. When your customers come back and purchase from you time and time again, and when they have a memorable experience every time, that’s when you know you’re doing something right. Including discount cards in every order is by far the best way to encourage your customers to order from you again. Include one for just the purchaser or include two so that your customer can share with a friend. 

#2 – Stickers

If your company has a fun logo that’s easy to remember, make it memorable by turning it into a sticker. These days, stickers are a big part of the world, and if you take the time to really look around, you’ll see them everywhere. They’re on almost every bumper in rush-hour traffic, they’re on the backs of notebook computers, and they’re plastered on coffee mugs, sketchbooks, and everything else imaginable. Now imagine that some of those stickers were your brand’s logo. It’s a cheap, easy, and fun way to help people remember your business and what you’re all about. 

#3 – Sale Flyers

If you have a sale planned, there is no better way to advertise it than to your existing customers when they receive their orders. Print up some easy-to-read flyers that detail your upcoming sale, and let your customers know that they are getting “exclusive insider details” that aren’t available to anyone else. If you let your buyers know about sales at least a week before you send out the mass email or advertise it on your Facebook page, it’ll help drive loyalty and keep your business moving forward. 

#4 – Free Samples

Free samples aren’t ideal for every industry; after all, you probably wouldn’t want to give away free diamond earrings. However, think about ways that you can improve your customers’ shopping experiences with a free sample. Could you include a free phone case when your customer orders a mobile phone? Maybe a few cookies with every cake purchase? How about a free t-shirt with your company logo with a $50 minimum purchase? It may not be much to you, but if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that consumers love freebies. 

#5 – Free One-Day Shipping

Shipping is a big deal in ecommerce today, and customers are usually even willing to pay a little more for a product if they know they will get a good deal on (or free) shipping. Rather than giving them free shipping with their initial order, insert a flyer with a code for free one-day shipping with their next order. This is an excellent way to drive repeat business but be sure you include pertinent information like minimum order amount of maximum weight. 

Making your brand memorable is all about making your customers happy. For many customers, packaging inserts can be little more than an annoyance, but as long as you make sure yours are either incredibly useful, valuable, or fun, they’re a great way to improve the customer experience and make certain that your customers keep coming back time and again – and perhaps they will even bring some friends.

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