One of the biggest factors that goes into ensuring your ecommerce business’s success involves creating repeat sales via effective marketing. Retaining your customers saves you money and helps your company thrive, even in saturated industries and niches. Believe it or not, the quality and type of packaging inserts you choose will go a long way toward helping you keep your customers and grow your business. Here are five of the best packaging insert ideas to consider. 

#1 – A How-To Guide

In today’s day and age, products come from all corners of the globe, and while they may come with their own instruction manuals, these are often difficult for customers to understand. Things like language barriers and technical terms can throw your customers off, leaving them displeased with their purchases simply because they don’t understand how to use them – especially when it comes to small electronics. Consider writing up your own how-to guide that includes easy-to-understand usage instructions and including it in each package. 

#2 – Surprises that Promote Your Brand

Another exciting option to consider involves giving your customers a small gift that not only surprises them, but also helps to promote your brand. Numerous companies do this regularly with a great deal of success, and in today’s high-tech day and age, Apple truly stands out. They put logo stickers inside their MacBook packaging that consumers can use as they see fit. For the cost of a sheet of stickers, Apple has secured some of the most powerful marketing in existence – word-of-mouth advertising. 

#3 – Social Media Inserts 

Getting your customers to engage with you socially can be tricky, especially when consumers’ newsfeeds are already filled with advertisements. In certain industries – namely, in the fashion and beauty industries – consumers are often more than willing to share their opinions and reviews. Consider including an invitation to follow your company on social media and be sure that you give them an incentive to do so. 

#4 – Free Samples

Cross-selling is important for small businesses, so it’s important that you are taking every opportunity to promote the value of your other products and show your potential buyers how the products work together. Perhaps the best way to do this is to include free samples in each shipment. This way, you can generate more business by showing people who have already trusted your company some brand-new products and product lines. Upselling is powerful, and it can truly help your business thrive. 

#5 – A Thank-You Card

Today’s consumers like to be appreciated, and there is no better way to show your appreciation than with a personalized thank you card. You could print these cards out and send them along with the order to keep things simple, but better still, you could include a handwritten note thanking each customer for his or her business on the back of a business card. It’s a gesture that your customers are sure to remember – especially when it’s time for them to make another purchase. An appreciated customer is far more likely to become a repeat buyer. 

If most of your marketing budget goes to generating new leads and expanding your sales funnel, you are certainly not alone. However, setting aside some of that budget to try these packaging insert ideas can go a long way toward boosting customer loyalty whether you choose to send a handwritten thanks, a fun surprise, or even a written guide. 

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