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We are the perfect partner for fashion & electronic accessory providers! 

Accessories have never been more popular than they are now.  Simply look through your social media feed and you’re likely to see an ad for ethically branded sunglasses; while advancements in technology has the popularity of wearable devices surging as the pace of our everyday lives facilitates the need for them.

The modern world is fashion conscious and hip to the latest trends, so providers in this space are hyper-focused on research and development, branding & marketing to assure they get a prospects attention.  Add the public’s lack of patience in getting their product quickly and you see why having the professionals at My Fulfillment Company manage your inventory and order fulfillment only makes sense.  Freeing up this aspect of your business allows you to keep your eyes on the prize; building your brand and scaling your business.

electronic accessories

The fulfillment process has many components that get overlooked until you’re faced with the challenge of having to fulfill an order.  This is precisely why we’ve put together a punch-list of services we offer that help eliminate headaches and keep your business running smoothly.

  • Orders picked, packed & shipped within one business day
  • Expedited orders shipped same day (Deadline of 2:00 PM EST)

  • Packing list customized to your order
  • Marketing flyers & inserts
  • Kitting & assembly for custom packaging
  • Full range of shipping methods customized to your preference

  • E-commerce platform integration (status updates in real time)

  • Complimentary inventory reporting (provided weekly)

  • Inventory Storage
  • Returns processing

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