Ecommerce Retargeting with Emails

Retargeting clients is the last stage of email marketing for ecommerce in this series. Marketing automation’s shining star is the ability to retarget and segment messaging.  However, without the added touch of personalization your email nurturing campaign wont be fully realized.  Keep in mind that shoppers who visit your website will be counted as a bounce unless converted to a qualified lead.

Retargeting Features from Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Again, we’ll use Mailchimp and Constant Contact as examples in our virtual competition. First, Mailchimp has a product offering they call Customer Re-engaement Emails. Note this feature automation has limitations and you may need a developer to help on-board your workflow. Mailchimp may require a special API (Application Programming Interface, software helper that allows applications to work together). Secondly, Constant Contact, offers the ability to targeting through segmentation.  As with most of analysis, Constact Contact is easier to use while Mailchimp is more customizable.

Remarketing or Retargeting?

Finally, let’s briefly discuss two concepts many people use interchangeably, remarketing and retargeting.  Most importantly, remarketing is the broader of two concepts. Remarketing targets both online and offline environments. On the other hand, retargeting is the correct reference for digital-only efforts.  We can thank Google for a large part of the confusion as they referred to retargeting on their ads platform as “remarketing.”

We hope our look into email marketing, as a means for digital transformation, helps you adopt technology and increase sales. Today’s fulfillment companies need to embrace technology as a way to better serve clients. New applications are coming online at a rate of innovation never before seen. If there’s an area of digital marketing that is holding your ecommerce back, let us know and we’ll do our best to cover it in an upcoming blog series. Until then here are a few blogs that we hope will answer some commonly asked questions.

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If you have questions about fulfillment services, email marketing or ecommerce omni-channel platforms please be in touch with any questions!