What software do fulfillment companies use?

Companies seek software fulfillment when they need assistance receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers. While there are many SaaS solutions and platforms for enterprise-level companies, this post addresses the needs of first-time adapters. Today, fulfillment companies employ one of two types of software for order fulfillment, monthly subscriptions or one-time license fees. Platforms like Fishbowl that offer inventory management and custom business scalability cost thousands of dollars.  On the other hand, software solutions like ShipMonk base price on volume and start fulfillment integration for dollars a month.

What is a Fulfillment Software?

Traditionally, inventory control and supply chain operations have had one tool, the spreadsheet. Today, however, ecommerce professionals know that going to market means time management or fast management. Fulfillment software provides business owners a dashboard interface with an inventory portal which immediately allows them to abandon those archaic spreadsheets. Some of the best platforms have terrific info graphics that allow users to visually track inventory across multiple sales channels, identify best selling SKUs, mark old SKUs, get low stock alerts, and more.

Best Features of Fulfillment Software

Outside of a visually engaging dashboard that eliminates the need for spreadsheets, the best fulfillment software should provide the following services. First, order management, perhaps your most vital KPI and opportunity to automate steps in processing orders. Following is inventory control and warehouse management. Kit assembly, return management and shipping label creation may all fall under your warehouse management solution, make sure it’s a part of your software solution.

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