Small Business Partnerships Create Win-Win Successes

Startups have it tough. They need to present an image and a product or service that says, “We’ve already made it.” The tough part is they need to do it on a shoestring budget well before making it. These new small businesses can create success by supporting other small businesses though, making a win-win situation. Using a third-party fulfillment service helps in this area in numerous ways.

Small Business Benefits

Business to business relationships keep the economy, manufacturing, distribution, and sales going. Choosing to do business with other small businesses provides vital benefits:

  • personalized customer service,
  • greater attention to the details,
  • easier, quicker communication,
  • a more dedicated work ethic.

Benefits of Third Party Fulfillment Services

As a startup or small business, you probably don’t have the funds for a warehouse, staffing the warehouse, in-house packaging and shipping. You can contract with a fellow small business that runs a third-party fulfillment service. It provides the warehouse for your products. It handles stocking, inventory, pick and pack order fulfillment and ship each customer order.

Outsourcing your business’ warehousing and logistics can cut your operating costs significantly. Consider a small business partnership with a third-party fulfillment service to provide your small business a big business look and feel. The Small Business Administration reports 28.2 million small businesses exist in the US today. That certainly makes finding one to partner with a lot easier.

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