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Getting the best Fulfillment Company Estimates

When you call to get an estimate, or fill out an online form, it’s often more about learning the right questions to ask. Most fulfillment company estimates are based off of storing, packaging and shipping; however, especially e-commerce businesses need to understand the entire fulfillment process. Like any service-based business fulfillment companies work better through ample planning. Last minute warehousing or packaging needs will increase your estimate and overall cost. If possible, plan out three months or more.  Another way to make sure you get the best fulfillment company estimate is to calculate your current storage, packaging and shipping expenses. Moreover, determine costs for package tracking and customer support, including returns. Finally, in preparation for getting estimates, learn about hidden fees which range from warehouse setup to minimum contract durations.

Fulfillment Company Pricing, Questions to Ask

In this section we will look at the most common fulfillment company pricing topics that go beyond basic storage, packaging and shipping. By reviewing this quick list you will know some of the important questions to ask.

  • Receiving fees. Ask if you will be charged for the fulfillment company warehouse to receive your merchandise.
  • Return fees. Ask about the process, and costs, incurred when a customer returns merchandise.
  • Flat fees. Ask is orders have a minimum, or flat rate, fee. Ask if packaging materials are included or if there’s a fee for additional items in your box.
  • Transaction fees. Ask about credit card fees which are usually based on the total transaction amount.
  • Ecommerce cart fees. Ask if you will be charged for using your own shopping cart, providing they have their own.
  • Contract period fees. Ask if your rate is based on length of contract, many fulfillment companies require a six-month minimum or more.
  • Storage fees. Ask if there is a scale fee option if your inventory is seasonal or otherwise fluctuates based on supply and demand.
  • Processing fees. Ask about minimum order processing fees and be aware of your options.

About My Fulfillment Company Estimates / Quotes

When you get a quote from My Fulfillment Company consider it will be a customized estimate. It’s important to learn about what products you are selling and expected monthly orders.  Also, we will benefit from understanding which software platform you are using as well as any special storage requirements you may need. Another big factor in getting the best fulfillment estimate is packaging. From plain bubble mailers, inserts like coupons and warranty information, or custom branded boxes will affect pricing. Of course there are many other considerations like international shipping and package weight but going over your specific needs assessment is the only way to guarantee the best, most accurate, price possible.

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