Can Your Business Benefit from Kitting and Custom Packaging?

Kitting and Custom Packaging

No two ecommerce-based businesses are the same, and with every passing year, these businesses become savvier, more customer-friendly, and more attractive to consumers. If you’re looking for a brand new way to appeal to your customers – or if you want to offer something no one else does – kitting and custom packaging may be the solution. 

What is Kitting?

The best way to explain kitting is by using an example, so assume for a moment that you sell computers. Computers come in a wide variety of styles and types. There are laptops and desktops, and each one comes with a wide range of processors, motherboards, hard drives, and even memory. While you could sell prebuilt computers to your customers, another option involves allowing them to customize their own computer by picking various parts and pieces from your inventory. Rather than processing that order as a group of SKUs, each with its own individual price, those SKUs are then combined into a brand-new SKU. 

What is Custom Packaging?

Whereas kitting is the process of combining multiple SKUs into one new SKU, custom packaging is a bit simpler and involves customizing your own boxes and packages with your company’s logo, colors, slogans, and more. Though it’s beneficial in any situation, it’s even more beneficial when used alongside kitting. Not only does it reinforce your brand in the packaging, but it also allows you to provide something that many of your competitors don’t. When your customers can put together their own computer and then have that computer arrive in a box that has your company’s brand logo on it, your brand becomes more memorable. 

How to Use Kitting and Custom Packaging to Your Advantage

Kitting and custom packaging – especially when used together – give you the opportunity to customize your business in a way that makes it unique. Think of it like this: your customers can visit your site and buy a full face of makeup individually, but what if they could buy that full face of makeup under a single SKU, perhaps even pay a discounted price, and have it arrived in a perfectly-customized package that helps to reinforce your brand? It’s far more memorable than individual items at full price wrapped inside a plain brown cardboard box. 

Getting Started

If you think kitting and custom packaging can help your brand grow, there are numerous ways you can get started. Though you might choose to have boxes and packaging printed for packing and shipping orders on your own, the better option may be outsourcing your order management and allowing the experts to handle the logistics on your behalf. It will ultimately save you a lot of time and hassle, and in many cases, it will even save you money. 

Kitting and custom packaging are just some of the options available to you when you choose to outsource your order management process, but they are some of the most important – particularly in a crowded industry. They allow you to set your business apart from your competitors and offer something in a way that no one else does. In the end, that’s what makes your brand memorable.

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