5 Types of Packaging to Avoid for Better Customer Impressions

Packaging for E-commerce 

There are many, many different ways in which ecommerce-based businesses make impressions on their customers. Websites, blog posts, product quality, and services provided are all vitally important, but believe it or not, the packaging you choose can make or break customer relationships, too. Below are five types of packaging to avoid if you want to make better customer impressions.

#1 – Unnecessary Packaging

It’s one thing to package products in such a way that they are cradled and protected during shipping, but it’s something else entirely to use packaging that just isn’t necessary. More people than ever before are concerned about the use of things like paper and plastic, and while they certainly appreciate your attempts to protect their goods during shipment, they don’t appreciate needless, wasteless extras. Look at your packaging and shipping procedures carefully to see if there’s anywhere you can cut back on materials. 

#2 – Non-Biodegradable Packaging

Bioplastics are popping up everywhere from toy packaging to food packaging, and consumers across the country (and even around the world) are embracing this more sustainable technology. Though making the switch to bioplastic may not be feasible for your small business just yet, there are some alternatives that you can consider. For example, you might opt to replace your standard cardboard with a product made of a large percentage of post-consumer waste or use only 100% recycled paper. 

#3 – Non-Recyclable Packaging

Most consumers understand that it is impossible to adequately pack and ship some items without utilizing plastic. After all, plastic is durable and strong, and it protects items in a way that paper products simply cannot. If you must utilize plastics in your packaging, try to use plastic types that are recyclable in most communities. PETE, or polyethylene terephthalate, is the easiest plastic to recycle, for example. 

#4 – Packaging that is Difficult to Open

Take a look at your packaging and determine how difficult it would be for a consumer who has never seen it before to open it. If it would take more than a few seconds, then the packaging is far too difficult. While exceptions do apply, packaging should be easy to open. Otherwise, you’re taking a risk that your customers will become so frustrated by the package that they may never order from you again. 

#5 – Too Many Packaging Inserts

Most customers don’t mind packaging inserts. In fact, some even welcome them – especially if they’re useful, such as coupons or free samples. However, if you’re going overboard with your packaging inserts, this may irritate your buyers. Anywhere from one to three inserts is fantastic, but more than this just means the customer has to take more of his or her time to look through them and sort them. Keep your packaging inserts to a minimum and make sure the ones you do use are powerful enough to be effective. 

In today’s social world, packaging can make or break your business. Make sure that you consider all five of the packaging types above and do your very best to eliminate those that cause headaches and frustration. Not only will you feel better about your company’s footprint, but your customers will also appreciate the attention. 


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