Influencer Marketing for E-Commerce

Influencer Marketing For E-Commerce

Just about every platform on significant social media embraces influencer marketing and e-commerce. If you are using the internet to market products and want to broaden your content campaign, consider influencer marketing. While a recent post in the Alexa blog defines influencer marketing as “a strategy that identifies people who have a strong influence on a brand’s industry or target audience” there is a beginner tactic for e-commerce marketing. First, consider your products and inventory, is there a more authoritative or credible resource other than you that can help explain the benefits of your goods? If so, you may have already identified a salesperson or vendor that can help.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

The number one benefit of influencer marketing is to exhibit credibility and show trust. Ok, that’s technically two things but since they happen simultaneously let’s chalk it up as one. Coming in a close second is the fact that influencer marketing drives sales, heck that’s how most influencers get paid – by commission. Another benefit is your advertising budget and effectiveness. Most online retailers already know about pay-per-click limitations. The breadth and scope of campaigns are limited in reach and and click-through rates. Consider influence marketing the purest form of native content. Finally, for this post, consider your audience. Online shoppers often suffer from fatigue of endless click bait and irreverent banner ads. Influencers introduce content in another, often refreshing, context.

Influencer Marketing Goals

Outside of the familiar quantifiable states from sales and lead generation, there are many subjective and qualitative goals of influencer marketing for e-commerce. For example, brand identity or brand awareness. Next, customer loyalty keeps your products in the online conversation by sharing and caring. Finally, influencer marketing is great for search engine optimization through driving web traffic and link building.

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