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eCommerce has taken the globe by storm. Today, you can order your groceries online and have them delivered to your front door in a matter of hours. You can even customize a brand-new car and have that delivered right to your front door. In fact, due to the convenience and near-instant gratification of eCommerce, it’s expected to grow substantially in the next several years. Below are five of the industries that are expected to thrive as ecommerce gains traction. 

#1 – Automotive

Though most consumers still buy their cars the old-fashioned way – at a dealership – disruptive companies like Carvana have started to change that. They allow you to shop online, customize a car, and even drive it for seven days to ensure it’s to your satisfaction. Rather than standing in line at auto parts stores, consumers can now use savvy online tools to find the exact part they need and have it delivered to their door in a matter of days (and sometimes even hours). As ecommerce continues to grow, the automotive side of things will certainly capitalize. 

#2 – Beauty and Skincare

The beauty industry always been a big hit, but in recent years, more companies than ever have disrupted the space with high-quality affordable options that people simply can’t get enough of. Until recently, buying makeup online has been something of a crapshoot due to the inability to color-match, but new technologies are making it simpler and more accurate than ever. If you’re looking for a good ecommerce industry, you can’t go wrong with beauty and skincare. 

#3 – Vitamins and Supplements

Today’s consumers are much more aware of what they do (and do not) eat throughout the day, and that means they’re also more aware than ever of the nutrition they may be lacking. Consumers are also busy, and that means foregoing a healthy home-cooked meal for a quick trip through the drive-thru or a pizza delivered hot and fresh to the door. Vitamins and supplements can help to make up for nutrients that busy consumers lack, and this industry shows no sign of slowing down – especially on the internet. 

#4 – Pet Care

People have always loved their pets, but thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to find anything and everything you need (and then some!) and have it delivered to your door. Not only can you have pet medications delivered without multiple trips to the vet, but you can even order freshly-prepared pet food that arrives once every week or two. There are even pet care subscription boxes that consumers have fallen in love with. This is yet another industry that will continue to thrive and grow as ecommerce gains ground. 

#5 – Fashion

There are two types of consumers: those who love going to their favorite shops and boutiques to shop for clothes, and those who simply despise it. Fortunately, the ecommerce-based fashion industry caters to both. Not only can you shop for clothes in an endless number of categories, styles, and sizes, but you can even have them delivered, try them on, and only keep what you absolutely love. This is a great space to get into, and as ecommerce takes off in the next decade, fashion is expected to grow, too. 

If you’re interested in getting started with ecommerce but you’re struggling to decide what industry is best for you, these five are arguably some of the very best. They’re industries that will always fill consumer needs in many different ways. 

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