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operational expertise

Operational Expertise

No matter what industry or niche your company is in, it is crucial that you hire partners and vendors who have a great deal of operational expertise. This helps to ensure that the solutions and services you receive are curated to help your business thrive and grow. My Fulfillment Company has operational expertise in a huge variety of industries and niches, which makes us the ideal choice.

Experience in Several Industries

Although ecommerce is an industry itself, it can be broken down into individual niches. Though we have experience working in almost every industry imaginable, many of our clients fall into one of the three following niches:

  • Health and Beauty – The health and beauty industry is thriving not only in the US, but on a global scale. Many entrepreneurs continue to capitalize on the desire for niche products that are cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic, or designed for very specific skin and hair types. We provide numerous order fulfillment and packaging services for several companies in the health and beauty sector.
  • Accessories and Small Electronics – Everyone likes to accessorize, and in today’s digital age, people like to find their new accessories online. The selection is often much larger, and the prices are often much more reasonable. The same can be said for small electronics such as smartphones and smartwatches – things that people can often find online in a much larger variety than locally. We have experience with picking, packing, and shipping these items, as well.
  • Vitamins and Nutritional Supplement – Finding an order fulfillment partner in the vitamin and nutritional supplement industry can be nerve-wracking to say the least, especially if you need on-demand warehousing alongside traditional fulfillment services. Our facilities are climate-controlled and secure, and we have years of experience in handling vitamin and nutritional supplement orders, as well.
Inbound Inventory
Carriers & Vendors

What We Do

In every industry, consumers have a certain set of expectations. For example, in the health and beauty industry, they expect that their items will arrive unopened and full. In the accessories and small electronics department, they expect safe packaging to protect smartphone screens or the lenses in their name-brand sunglasses. In the vitamins and nutritional support industry, discretion can be very important, as can ensuring that certain supplements are not exposed to heat or cold for long periods of time.

Why Choose My Fulfillment Company?

The team at My Fulfillment Company has worked with dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries and niches in order to improve our operational expertise to benefit our clients. You will never feel as if you need to train us on the proper handling of your products or orders; we have the experience we need to truly serve as your partner and ensure every single order arrives at your customers’ doorsteps on time and in perfect condition.

Verifying Orders

Our operational expertise allows us to truly work for you. Even if you are new to a specific industry yourself, you can rely on the team at My Fulfillment Company to help with every single aspect of fulfillment, including storage, picking, packing, kitting, marketing inserts, shipping, and even handling returns and exchanges according to the policies you set.