Fulfillment Inventory Management

Running a business is a time-consuming endeavor, but one that can truly pay off in terms of both your finances and your sense of self-fulfillment. If you wish you could spend less time fussing over inventory and more time working out the best ways to help your business grow, My Fulfillment Company offers a huge range of inventory management services that can alleviate your stress and help you truly enjoy running your business again.

Inventory Storage

One of the most challenging aspects of managing your inventory comes down to storage. Though something like a spare bedroom or even a walk-in closet may work to store your inventory for a time, as your business grows, you will quickly run out of space – and building additional rooms or renting a warehouse just isn’t in the cards for most small to medium-sized business owners who are just starting out.

With My Fulfillment Company, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that your inventory is in good, safe hands every single moment of every single day. The best part? As your business grows, you do not have to worry about running out of space because we can always help you expand.

inventory storage
Carriers & Vendors

Detailed Inventory Reporting

If your online business is going to be successful, you need to run and analyze detailed reports that show you:

  • Which of the items you stock are most popular;
  • How many of the most popular items you sell per day, week, month, or even year;
  • Which items tend to stay on warehouse shelves the longest;
  • Who buys the products you sell; and even
  • A list of the various places where orders are being shipped.

This information not only helps you avoid overstock and understock situations, but it can also improve your business’s marketing efforts a great deal. When you focus on the items that are incredibly popular and market them to the right people, your business will undoubtedly grow. My Fulfillment Company produces in-depth inventory reports that will help you manage both your inventory and your business.

Restocking and Verification

Finally, when you choose My Fulfillment Company to manage your inventory, you can also trust us to ensure that the items you sell are always in stock so that your customers are never left waiting. We can communicate directly with the vendors and manufacturers who provide your products to ensure no order goes unfulfilled at any point. Running out of a popular item can hurt your reputation, but with our expertise, you can remain confident in your ability to fulfill every single order every single time.

Restocking and Verification

In ecommerce, the products you ship to your customers are your livelihood. It is crucial that you maintain enough storage space, gain access to detailed order and inventory reports, and even restock your items based on sales volume to keep up with supply and demand. To learn more about how My Fulfillment Company’s inventory management services can benefit your ecommerce-based business, contact us today. We can help put together a package of services that fits your needs and our budget so you can give the tedious logistics to the experts and get back to doing the things you love.